From The Heart Creations, LLC has enjoyed over 20 years of transforming Deb Brooks’ vision of that ordinary knifes, forks or spoons into a unique line of quality jewelry.

It began with a simple posie holder, then bell necklaces from a knife handle, and bracelets with sterling charms that reflect the wearer’s personality or a special thought from the giver. A lapel watch that would have been worn by a piano teacher, nurse, or your favorite grade school teacher. Rings for your fingers, three styles of key chains and a handy letter opener and bracelet helper. Necklaces and earrings from simple to ornate patterns for day or evening wear.

The work of refashioning silverware is not just the designing, cutting, bending, drilling and soldering, each piece of silverware has a life’s history, starting with the year it was produced and the pattern name. The heartfelt and pleasurable part of a finished refashioned piece is the customer sharing the rest of the story. It was the pattern that their Grand Parents had, or the year that a loved one was born, graduated, or married.

Thoughtful members of some families have shared the family silver with several generations by having the silverware made into pieces of wearable art, such as baby bracelets, graduation pins, and wedding pieces, all from Grandma’s table setting.

From The Heart Creations, LLC offers you their inventory of silverware. They will also transform your sterling or silver plate silverware you have tucked away.